Perkins: 2016 May Be Last Election if We Don’t Elect Cruz

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is joining Glenn Beck in campaigning for Ted Cruz and, like Beck, he’s trying to scare the little children of the Christian right with spook stories. If we don’t elect Cruz, he says, this may be the last election America ever has! Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.


“I’m here because I decided that too much was a stake to sit on the sidelines,” Perkins said, “that I couldn’t just sit there and talk about it and do commentary about it; that I wanted to use what influence I had with Christians around this country to say that I’ve talked to all these candidates, I have vetted the candidates and from my vantage point in Washington, D.C., I can tell you America is in trouble.”

“We don’t have the latitude to get it wrong one more time,” he warned. “If we don’t elect a bold, courageous, godly leader in this next election, I’m afraid we may not have another election for our republic. That’s not hyperbole. That’s the reality based upon what this president’s policies have done to this nation.”

Boogity, boogity! Yes Tony, I’m sure that’s why you’re there. I’m sure it has nothing to do with wanting to keep that FRC gravy train rolling by scaring people. It’s the only tool you have at your disposal.

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