Saudi Hypocrisy on Full Display

The Saudi government hates the Assad government in Syria because they are Sunni and he is Shia [err, oops. He’s Alawite, of course, and I knew that], so they’re demanding democratic elections in that country. But not their own, of course. When the Saudi UN Ambassador was asked about this in an interview, his response was pure hypocrisy.


When Al Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hasan asked the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United Nations why he supports democratic elections in Syria but not in the country he represents, the response that followed was cringeworthy.

“Well, just because there are elections in Syria doesn’t mean there have to be elections somewhere else,” Abdallah al-Mouallimi told Hasan during a Friday segment of Al Jazeera’s “UpFront.”

The ambassador insisted that if you asked Saudi people about the current structure of their government, they’d voice their support.

“Isn’t that partly because if they do say they don’t want this government, they want another government, they’ll go to jail?” Hasan asked, noting that it’s a crime in Saudi Arabia to call for a change in the system of government.

“No,” al-Mouallimi replied. “I’m saying that if there was a way by which you can ask the common people in the street anonymously, privately, any way —”

“There is,” Hasan interjected. “It’s called voting.”

When you’re taking an indefensible position, your defense of that position is bound to be incoherent and ridiculous.

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