Rios: Trans People in Bathrooms Worse than ISIS

Leave it to the thoroughly unhinged Sandy Rios of the American Family Association to raise the idiotic anti-trans rhetoric to new heights. In an interview with Breitbart News, she said that it’s all a Marxist plot to destroy “normalcy” and it’s a bigger threat than ISIS.


“It sounds so radical, I’m not sure people are ready to accept this, but maybe they are,” Rios said. “We have a push from the left to deconstruct everything that’s called ‘normal,’ and that includes sexuality. You know, it’s part of the Marxist theory to deconstruct family and to recreate new systems. I’m not saying everyone participating in this has read Karl Marx and is doing Marx’s bidding, but we know that at least that was one of the beginnings of this sexual anarchy.”

The Obama administration, Rios said, is intensely focused on LGBT issues even at the risk of jeopardizing Americans, claiming that trans-inclusive policies represent a danger to the American people, much like the Islamic State.

“We are facing something really dreadful,” she said. “Of course there are more ways to be in danger than from ISIS.”


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