Wingnut: Trump Inspired Me to Embrace 9/11 Trutherism

Gary Heavin, the owner of Curves gyms for women and Jenny Craig as well, financed a ridiculous paranoid film about the persecution of Christians and he has now also embraced 9/11 trutherism. He “credits” that to Donald Trump, but don’t worry he’s just asking questions.


Heavin said that he was inspired by God (and Donald Trump) to start speaking the truth about the terrorist attacks, but then went on to say that he was merely asking questions about the attacks.

“I’m just sayin,’” he said. “I’m just wanting to ask some questions.”

“Donald Trump is giving us permission to speak freely to ask these questions,” he added.

Yep. Just like he’s giving permission, and providing political cover, to white supremacists and xenophobic bigots of all stripes. This is not a good thing, of course.

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