Football Coach Gives Amazingly Stupid Arguments on Kaepernick Protest

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a rich, white, southern football coach — ignorant as hell about anything other than football and absolutely clueless on matters of race. He was asked if he would punish one of his players for copying Kaepernick and he said no. Good so far. But then…


“I hate to see what’s going on in our country. I really do. Because I think this is a good world. I think this is a great country. It’s just that things get painted with a broad brush in this world these days … I think a lot of the things in this world, not everything is so bad. ‘This world is falling apart.’ Some of these people need to move to another country. Some of them need to move to another country.”

Two words come to mind: Fuck you. You know who should leave this country? People who say others should leave the country because they refuse to genuflect toward the government and accept the status quo. No one engaging in this protest has ever claimed that the world is falling apart. They have pointed to a serious problem with racism in law enforcement and police brutality. Should we just ignore that? Or should we all be like most rich white people like you and just pretend that it’s not a problem because it doesn’t affect you?

And things get worse when he starts talking about Martin Luther King:

“A lot of these things in this world were only a dream for Martin Luther King. Not a one-term, but a two-term African-American president. And this is a terrible country? That was a dream for Martin Luther King. [There are] interracial marriages. I go to a church that’s an interracial church. Those were only dreams for Martin Luther King. Black head coaches. Black quarterbacks. Quarterbacks at places like Georgia and Alabama and Clemson. For Martin Luther King, that was just a dream. Black CEOs, NBA owners, you name it. Unbelievable.”

Yes, and? We’ve made progress, no doubt. We still have massive inequality and injustice. I know you’d prefer to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, but it does. And the right thing to do — the patriotic thing to do — is to protest against and demand change.

“I think the answer to our problems is exactly what they were for Martin Luther King when he changed the world. Love, peace, education, tolerance of others, Jesus…There’s more good than bad in this world. With Martin Luther King, I don’t know that there’s ever been a better man or better leader. To me, he changed the world. He changed the world through love in the face of hate. He changed the world through peace in the face of violence. He changed the world through education in the face of ignorance. And he changed the world through Jesus. Boy, that’s politically incorrect. That’s what he did. It’s amazing when we don’t learn from our past how you can repeat your mistakes.”

And how do you think he achieved those things, you dumbass? Through massive protests. Disruptive protests. He went to jail repeatedly for it. He had dogs and fire hoses turned on him for it. He had the FBI illegally bug everywhere he went, with the permission of Attorney General Robert Kennedy. He was murdered for it. And white people said the same thing then that you’re saying now — that’s not the right way to do things, you’re being too aggressive, you’re causing divisiveness. Because it’s never the injustice itself that causes division, it’s those people fighting to right the injustice, those are the people causing the problems. Have you ever taken an American history class? Was it at Billy Bob’s Christian College and Bait Shop?

Oh, and he also said that the real solution is more Jesus:

“It says, Love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. The second one is, love your neighbor as you’d love yourself. It doesn’t say love your neighbor from the same religion. It doesn’t say love your neighbor if they’re the same color as you. It doesn’t say love your neighbor if they pull for the same team as you. It doesn’t say love your neighbor if they’re the same gender as you, or whatever. (It doesn’t say) love your neighbor if they have the same sexuality as you. It just says, love your neighbor as you’d love yourself. If we all lived by that in this country, we wouldn’t have near the problems we have.”…

It’s so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem.

Yeah, because the Christians didn’t cite verse after verse from the Bible in support of their racism for centuries and centuries, and to support slavery. Dabo, you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. You really ought to shut up.

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