Jones: Obama’s Mother Was a Prostitute for the CIA

Deranged conspiracy nut Alex Jones told his audience of equally unhinged chowderheads that Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis and his mother was a “honeypot,” i.e. a woman who seduced men for the CIA. Because apparently the CIA wanted the offspring of a communist?


ALEX JONES (HOST): And so what are they gonna do when his real dad’s Frank Marshall Davis? And it’s in the film “Dreams of My Real Father” we sell it at, most of you have already seen it, but this film is more important to me now than it was four years ago. Because it illustrates just how screwed up this country really is.

No, Obama is an American. He was born here — both American parents. One a black communist from Chicago, the other the daughter of a CIA high level officer. And this was the type of stuff they do to our country. And it just mind-boggles, mind-boggles that Barack Obama’s mother was a honey trap for the Central Intelligence Agency — a sex operative — and now her son is the president. I mean, you just cannot make this stuff up.

Of course you can, Alex. In fact, you just did.

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