Eric Trump: Nothing Dad Said as a Private Citizen counts

Eric Trump: Nothing Dad Said as a Private Citizen counts October 6, 2016

Like a kid playing tag and declaring in the middle of the game that wherever he’s standing is “safe,” Eric Trump has come up with a ridiculous excuse for his dad saying dumb things in the past: He was a private citizen who was ignorant about them, so they totally don’t count.


Eric Trump, the son of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, said in a radio interview this morning that his father is being unfairly asked about his early views on the invasion of Iraq because he was a “private citizen” at the time and was “not really studying these issues.”…

He complained that Lester Holt, the moderator of the last debate, was “totally biased” and failed to “ask one thing about the greatest Ponzi scheme in American history, which is the Clinton Foundation.”

Instead, he said, “we got the standard nonsense question, which is ‘Well, were you or were you not against the war in Iraq when you were a private citizen and you commented briefly for two seconds on the Howard Stern show.’ … When you’re building residential buildings all around the world and you’re not a politician you’re not really studying these issues at the time.”

I am amused. See Eric, here’s the problem. First, if you don’t know much about public policy because you aren’t studying those issues at the time, the intellectually honest thing to do is not to make long public statements on them. You don’t make videos of yourself commenting on political questions, as he did often. You don’t write books about all these subjects you know nothing about. His ignorance is obvious right up to the current day. So he should have just shut the hell up.

Secondly, you can’t claim that he was ignorant and knew nothing about when, to this very day, Trump himself continually claims to have been right about everything he said when he was a private citizen. He calls elected officials and policy advisers stupid as a contrast to his brilliant insights. You don’t get to have it both ways.

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