Judge Orders Trump and Stone to Stay Away from Voters

Judge Orders Trump and Stone to Stay Away from Voters November 5, 2016

A federal judge in Ohio has ordered the Trump campaign and Roger Stone’s organization Stop the Steal not to engage voters in pretty much any way at polling places during Tuesday’s election. The order is pretty comprehensive and bans almost all contact.


U.S. District Judge James Gwin’s written opinion also barred both parties and their supporters from engaging in any kind of voter harassment.

According to the written order, “intimidating conduct” includes, but isn’t limited to:

1. Engaging in any unauthorized “poll watching” activities inside of polling places, within one hundred feet of polling places (“the buffer zone”) or within ten feet of a voter standing in a line extending beyond the buffer zone.

2. Distributing literature and/or stating to individuals … that voter fraud is a crime, or describing the penalties under any Ohio or Federal statute for impermissibly casting a ballot.

3. Gathering or loitering, or otherwise being present without the intention to vote, at polling places.

4. Following, taking photos of, or otherwise recording voters or prospective voters.

5. Questioning voters at Ohio polling places … under the guise of the purported “exit polling” or “citizen journalist” operations organized and encouraged by Defendants Stone and Stop the Steal.

Still waiting on a New Jersey federal judge to rule on a larger national case involving similar actions.

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