Mosques Receive Threatening Letter

Add yet another case of threats and intimidation aimed at Muslims that cites Donald Trump’s election as inspiration. A handwritten letter was sent to four mosques in California and Georgia telling them that Trump will do to them what Hitler did to the Jews.

Credit: JMacpherson
Credit: JMacpherson

Four mosques — three in California and one in Georgia — have received letters threatening that President-elect Donald Trump will do to Muslims what Adolf Hitler “did to the Jews,” according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

The handwritten letters, which referred to Muslims as “children of Satan,” were mailed to Islamic centers in San Jose, Long Beach and Pomona in California and, most recently, in Savannah, Ga. The letters called Trump the “new sheriff in town” who will “cleanse America and make it shine again” by eradicating the country’s Muslim population.

“You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs,” the letters state. “You are evil. You worship the devil. But, your day of reckoning has arrived.”

The letters went on to say that Muslims “would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.”

This is not a threat to be taken lightly, especially in light of the fact that hate crimes against Muslims jumped a staggering 67% in 2015. I suspect 2016, when the numbers are in, will be even worse in light of Trump’s bigoted attacks on Muslims and promise to ban all Muslim immigration and tourism from the United States.

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