Admiral: ‘Win Hearts and Minds’ of Muslims by ‘Killing Them Into Submission’

Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, who has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump throughout the campaign, says that if we want to win the “hearts and minds” of Muslim, all we have to do is “kill them into submission” to get “street respect.”


Calling the Iraq War “one of the greatest strategic mistakes we ever made,” Lyons said, “What we did, we destroyed the Sunni-Shiite balance. We should not be involved in the sectarian Sunni-Shiite war that has gone on for over a thousand years. My view is, let them kill each other off, number one. While I am at that, I might add, we should not embrace anything that approaches the failed COIN [counter-insurgency] strategy which has cost the lives and devastating injuries to many of our military personnel…My view is, when you want to win their hearts and minds, there is one way to do it. In the Middle East, there is only one thing that counts. It’s street respect. And the way you get street respect; you kill them into submission. And once you do that, I guarantee you, the hearts and minds will follow.”

Yeah, because that’s worked so well up until now, hasn’t it? Just look at how one single attack on 9/11 radicalized and militarized much of America. In response to that, we pretty much fed the Constitution into a paper shredder, abandoned our privacy and the rule of law, started torturing people and violating one treaty after another. And has it done anything to stop terrorism? Not much. In fact, it’s only made it easier for them to recruit new jihadists who have watched their families, most of them completely innocent, get blown to bits. So yeah, let’s just keep doing that because it works so well.

Just another war-loving extremist advising our new president.

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