Hair: Nominate Roy Moore as Secretary of State

Some wingnut douche named Paul Hair has a column at BarbWire, where you have to be a wingnut douche to be published, urging Donald Trump to nominate twice-disgraced and now former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to be secretary of state.


Donald Trump should nominate Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to be the next secretary of state.

Roy Moore has proven to be a faithful Christian over the years, and for that progressives hate him.

And as I previously suggested with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Trump can demoralize progressives by nominating Moore to be part of his administration.

But there have been no hints of Moore being a potential nominee for the Department of State. So we’ll assume that Trump isn’t going to select him for that position.

Imagine being so unhinged that you can come up with worse nominees than Trump is already choosing for the cabinet? And being so unhinged that the only two statements you can make to justify such a nomination is to say that he’s a “faithful Christian” and that liberals hate him? If those are the qualifications you think are relevant, you really should just shut up about politics. Forever.

Nevertheless, there are many other positions that Trump could select Moore to fill. However, the next best one would be secretary of the Army.

Moore is an Army veteran so he has that experience. But his nomination as secretary of the Army would be hugely significant considering that Eric Fanning is Obama’s current Army secretary.

Fanning is the first sodomite Army secretary and is a key part of Obama’s effort to destroy the U.S. armed forces. Even now, Fanning is discouraging Trump from undoing the damage he and the rest of the Obama regime have done.

You can almost hear him say what he really wants to say: “That’ll show them queers a thing or two!” Yeah, let’s put a man who literally wants gay people to be put to death to a government position. Is there a much stronger word than appalling?

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