Trump Transition Board Member Claims Fake Degree

Given that Donald Trump himself gave out fake degrees through his “university,” it certainly shouldn’t come as a shock that one of his transition board members claims to have such a degree. Nor should it shock us that the man in question, Darrell Scott, is a prosperity gospel preacher.


In his Twitter profile above (and his Facebook page), Scott refers to himself as Dr. Darrell Scott. During the campaign, Trump also referred to Scott as “Dr. Darrell Scott.”…

On his church bio, Scott describes himself as

Already a 21st Century Theologian and Scholar in his own right, Dr. Darrell went on to receive his Doctorate of Divinity in November of 2004. His astute wisdom of religious and biblical studies not only qualifies him as a 21st Century Theologian but also serves to further amplify the fact that he is a gifted and anointed teacher and preacher of God’s Word.

Yeah, not so much:

Twenty-first century theologian and scholar Scott did get an honorary doctorate in 2004 from St. Thomas Christian College (now University). However, his bio is worded in a way that creates the impression that he earned the degree. As noted above, Scott uses the title “Dr.” in referring to himself which is inappropriate and misleading since the degree was not earned.

Compounding the problem is the questionable status of the college. St. Thomas Christian University is not accredited by any Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognized accrediting body. The Chancellor of the school Zamekio Jackson told me in a tweet that the school was accredited but declined to tell me the name of the accrediting body. A search of the ED and CHEA websites failed to turn up any proof of accreditation by any federally recognized accrediting body. St. Thomas’ website does not describe any accrediting agency.

It’s accredited by God, of course, and by the Donald J. Trump Accreditation Agency, coming to a courtroom near you.

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