Benham: Same-sex Marriage the ‘Ultimate Attack’ on God

David Benham, part of the twoheaded halfwit sons of anti-choice fanatic Skip Benham, went on Liberty Counsel’s radio show and said that same-sex marriage is the “ultimate attack” on God and is also “a mask for Satan.”


“We’ve deconstructed gender,” he said. “It’s an ultimate attack on the Creator … So this is where we find ourselves as a culture, is with a depraved mind where we’re celebrating and even forcing others to participate in immorality.”

“What the Lord wants,” Benham added, “He wants us to have life and this whole deconstruction of gender, this whole redefinition of marriage, all of these things is a mask for Satan who is robbing and killing and destroying these people who desperately want life. They want to seek the love of a father, trying to find it in the arms of another man and they’ll never find it there.”

Dammit! That Satan guy is everywhere! And I’m supposedly on his payroll, but I haven’t received a dime. I’m thinking maybe I should just sell him my soul, but like Trump I would demand the money up front. The joke’s on him though; I don’t have one.

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