Trump Shuts Down Interior Dept. Twitter After Image Embarrassed Him

Trump Shuts Down Interior Dept. Twitter After Image Embarrassed Him January 21, 2017

You’ve probably already seen the side-by-side images of the 2009 Obama inauguration, with massive crowds extending as far as the eye could see, to yesterday’s Trump inauguration, with much smaller crowds. That came from the National Park Service. So naturally Trump ordered all Interior Department Twitter accounts shut down immediately and indefinitely.


The Interior Department was ordered Friday to shut down its official Twitter accounts — indefinitely — after a National Park Service employee shared two tweets that noted President Donald Trump’s relatively small inaugural crowds compared to the numbers former president Barack Obama drew in 2009.

“All bureaus and the department have been directed by incoming administration to shut down Twitter platforms immediately until further notice,” said an email circulated to Park Service employees Friday afternoon.

The email, obtained by The Post, described the stand-down as an “urgent directive” and said social media managers must shut down the accounts “until further directed.”

Interior has dozens of official Twitter accounts at its multiple offices and 10 bureaus, which include the Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Geological Survey.

Because when you’re trying to pretend that you attracted “record crowds” and were the most popular person on earth from the beginning of all time, you don’t want a pesky thing like facts getting in your way.

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