Fischer: Bomb Muslim Countries to Show Our Love for Them

We have another missive from the bizarro world that Bryan Ficher lives in. This time he is declaring that the United States should bomb Muslim countries because that’s the only way to show them that we love them and push them into the arms of Jesus.


Islam from its earliest days has been dedicated to advancing the Islamic kingdom through the use of force and violence. While the kingdom of Christ has always advanced through prayer and persuasion, the kingdom of Allah has always advanced at the point of the sword.

Jesus H. Christ, have you actually read that Bible you’re so devoted to? In it, God commands the Israelites to commit genocide again and again against country after country so they could spread throughout the land. By your own reasoning, that makes your god as bloodthirsty and evil as the Muslim god (though they’re actually the same god and Muslims also accept the Torah as divine scripture.

The means that Christian nations must be prepared to take up the sword in their own defense when necessary. God has delegated to earthly powers the right to defend themselves and the citizens who look to them for protection. Civil government, the Scriptures tell us, “does not bear the sword in vain” (Romans 13:4). The sword is an instrument of lethal force, and may legitimately be used by a Christian nation for the purposes of justice and national defense. Consequently, Christianity is not a pacifist religion.

When America is attacked by Islamic forces, it has a divine right to respond with whatever force is necessary to neutralize the threat and protect and preserve our security and peace. Regrettably, this will mean the death of some who march under the crescent flag and will not lay down their arms.

But at the same time, it is also the most pro-Muslim thing a Christian nation can do. This is for the simple reason that there is no religious freedom in Islam whatsoever. Those trapped in Muslim lands do not have the liberty to follow Christ if they wish. They have no choice in the matter.

To quote the Dread Pirate Roberts: “Truly you have a dizzying intellect.”

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