Jones: Obama Plotting Bolshevik Revolution Against Trump

Alex Jones is still ranting about the firing of Michael Flynn and it being a coup or a counter-coup or a counter-counter-coup. And he thinks Obama is recruiting an army to launch a Bolshevik revolution against Donald Trump — including nuking Washington, DC to kill him.


Among the plotters, according to Jones, is Barack Obama, whom he accused of living in a “bunker” in Washington, D.C., where Jones believes he is personally directing and “recruiting with [George] Soros an army for a Bolshevik-style revolution.”

He warned that the Foreign Policy article is a sign that globalists are getting ready to “execute really horrible devastation: starting huge wars, setting a nuke off in D.C., anything, talking about ‘time to kill Trump.’”

Really? A Bolshevik revolution? Why not the French Revolution? Why not the Norman invasion of England?

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