Trump, Kelly Contradict Themselves Immediately

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and DHS Secretary John Kelly are in Mexico, but they don’t seem to be on the same page with Donald Trump over whether the administration’s loathsome crackdown on immigration is or is not a military operation.


At 5:50 pm, the Washington Post ran a story about what Kelly told the Mexican government about those operations:

“Let me be very clear,” Kelly said after he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong. “There will be no, repeat, no mass deportations. Everything we do in DHS will be done legally and according to human rights.”…

But in Mexico, Kelly stated in response: “There will be no — repeat, no — use of military force in immigration operations. None.”

And seven minutes later, another story where Trump said the exact opposite:

Trump brought up immigration enforcement as he discussed the trip Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly are taking to Mexico this week. Trump said he told Tillerson, “That’s going to be a tough trip, because we have to be treated fairly by Mexico.”

Trump then praised Kelly for the work his department is doing to secure the border with Mexico and deport illegal immigrants.

“It’s a military operation,” Trump said, attributing gang violence and illegal drug trade to undocumented immigrants.

“This is a military operation!”

“We will not engage in military operations!”

It’s Schroedinger’s immigration enforcement, simultaneously a military operation and not a military operation. Because words mean whatever Humpty Trumpty says they mean at any given moment, neither more nor less.

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