Really, Sean Spicer? Really?

If Sean Spicer wasn’t such a sanctimonious jerk, I might feel sorry for him. He is paid to lie and make up ridiculous rationalizations for all the stupid things Trump says and does. But I simply cannot respect anyone who says things like this:


“You said the president stands by his tweets Saturday morning that President Obama ordered this wiretap,” she [NBC reporter Hallie Jackson] noted. “You’ve also said that the president wants Congress to investigate. Some members of Congress, by the way, have asked the White House and asked the president to come forward with the information.”

“So bottom line, why would the president want Congress to investigate for information he already has?” Jackson wondered.

Spicer asserted that the president was concerned about the “separation of power aspect.”

“It’s a question of appropriateness,” Spicer said.

Oh Sean, please do provide us with a coherent argument for why it was perfectly appropriate for Trump to make the ridiculous accusation but would be inappropriate for him to actually provide the evidence to back it up? Please cite the provisions in the Constitution that deal with separation of powers that would justify such a position. Oh, you can’t? What a shock. This guy talks out his rectal cavity so much, he should use Preparation H as lip gloss.

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