Tomi Lahren Fired by Glenn Beck

Tomi Lahren Fired by Glenn Beck March 27, 2017

Oh, this just gets better. Now multiple reports say that rather than just suspending her for a week, Glenn Beck has permanently banned — that is, fired — Tomi Lahren from The Blaze. This after self-righteously declaring that he would never fire her — her, specifically — over anything she said because he just believes so much in free speech.


Conservative millennial firebrand Tomi Lahren has been “banned permanently” from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, according to a report in The New York Post.

The reported banning comes after Lahren, 24, was criticized in some conservative circles following a March 17 appearance on ABC’s “The View” in which she revealed that she supports abortion rights.

“You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,” Lahren said at the time.

Her program, “Tomi,” was reportedly suspended for a week beginning on March 20. The Blaze never made any official announcement or provided a reason why the show was pulled for the week. But Beck took to Twitter to question whether Lahren, whom he hired in 2015, is intellectually honest.

Oh, but let’s recap once again how he declared his undying devotion to the sacred principle of free speech and would never fire her for the controversial things she said after a petition was started to get him to fire her last year:

Over the weekend, a petition on was created to have Tomi Lahren removed from TheBlaze. The petition currently has over 50,000 “supporters.” I respect the person who started the petition, as well as those who support it, but I respectfully disagree.

At TheBlaze, I hire many people with whom I disagree on many levels. While I am deeply religious and a conservative libertarian, I hire and work side-by-side with atheists, liberals, Obama supporters and Trump supporters. (I am not sure how many Hillary supporters we have on staff, probably not many.) People would be shocked (sadly) at how many women hold senior positions, that we have several gay employees, that the two presidents of my companies (MRA and TheBlaze) are Jewish. But the fact that we may disagree on certain positions or policies does not matter inside our company, because we focus on our principles. So, though I disagree with many of the people who work for me, I will never cave to a boycott or a protest or fire someone for their voicing their opinion, EVEN if (and perhaps especially if) I disagree with their position.

I view the freedom of speech not only as fundamental to our way of life as Americans, but also as a natural right, a God-given right. It is a right I would defend with my life. And if someone has the courage and moral fortitude to express their feelings publicly, all the more reason for me to defend their right to speak. Very few of us have the conviction required to speak boldly and fearlessly in the face of opposition. Very few of us would speak out at the risk of being alienated, shunned, or — as history has shown and the present seems to be foreshadowing — of being killed.

Malcolm X. Gandhi. Churchill. Margret Sanger. MLK Jr. All of these leaders were outspoken. They each made the independent, courageous decision to make their voices and opinions known. Even in the face of opposition and obstacles, they stood proudly and loudly for the thing they believed in. I would have proudly stood or marched with some of them. I wish I could have. Some of these leaders espoused views that I find personally abhorrent, but I would proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of these leaders to defend their God-given right to speak their conscience. This is why I like Bernie Sanders. He has the courage to say what he believes. At least I know who he is. At least I know where we disagree. A broad diversity of thoughts and opinions in the marketplace of ideas does not make us weak, but rather, it is the impassioned exchange of these ideas that makes us strong. Indeed, it’s the uninhibited, free exchange of ideas that has always set America apart.

So sacrosanct is this principle that he must adhere to it because only the courageous have the strength and courage to say things others hate — and it might lead to them being killed! This is just so typical of Beck. Everything has to be made as melodramatic as possible. He’s always on a mission from God, he’s always standing in the way of tyranny. Until she hurt his little feelings, then suddenly all that self-righteousness just magically melts away and his principles are revealed for what they are — empty bluster and BS.

But don’t worry about Tomi Lahren, she’ll be alt right.

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