McCain: Shut Down Government if ‘Defense’ Spending Not Increased

John McCain is viewed as a moderate Republican, and on some issues that’s accurate. But when it comes to “defense” spending and going to war, he’s a dyed-in-the-wool hawk. He’s now threatening to shut down the government if we don’t increase defense spending. For the troops, of course.


Sen. John McCain said Wednesday he will do whatever it takes to make sure that military spending is increased in the next spending bill even if that means shutting down the government.

The Arizona Republican told CNN he wouldn’t vote for a continuing resolution, a funding bill that maintains the previous spending levels. When asked how far he would go, McCain said he only had one vote, but that he wouldn’t rule out a shutdown.

“If that’s the only option. I will not vote for a CR no matter what the consequences because passing a CR destroys the ability of the military to defend this nation, and it puts the lives of the men and women in the military at risk,” McCain said. “I can’t do that to them.”…

McCain has long been an advocate for increased military spending and has voted for continuing resolutions in the past, but this time, McCain says he just won’t do it and that the military would be set back by another CR.

“I will not vote for a CR. I don’t care what’s in it,” he said.

Really, John? You had no problem putting the lies of the men and women in the military at risk when you voted for the invasion of Iraq based on nothing but lies and fearmongering (seriously, was there a single American who stayed up at night worrying about Saddam Hussein before the Bush propaganda campaign?). You want to protect the lives of our troops, stop sending them off to invade countries full of brown people that pose no threat to us and have done nothing to us.

And guess what? That would also dramatically reduce the amount of money we spend on what we euphemistically call “defense” (against whom? The last time we were attacked by another country was in 1941; every war after that was us launching an invasion on one pretext or another). What we call “defense” spending is really spending on military offensives that we have launched with regularity, with the result being quite literally millions of innocent people killed. And we could cut our military spending in half and still have the largest, most powerful military in the world by a wide margin.

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