Barton: Gays are Evil. Just Like Hitler.

You’d think that after Sean Spicer’s astonishing meltdown making Hitler comparisons, conservatives would steer clear of that analogy. But not David Barton, who recently made a trip to Poland and concluded that gay rights is just like Hitler. Seriously.


“It does not change over time,” he said. “The evil that’s there, it still works in the same deceptive means today, it still has that nice smiling face and, you know, a homosexual lifestyle, it’s such a wonderful lifestyle. Yeah? Why don’t you look at the medical stats and see if that’s really true? And so it always disguises itself in different ways, it comes through different means. We see it all the time. So, what I learned is what I already knew, and that is human nature does not change and if you don’t have the impact of religion to change a heart you will end up like the Nazis. These are guys who had no conscience and that comes from not fearing God.”

The Nazis were “pagans,” Barton claimed, and “you see what happens when you have a secular, God-free society … and that’s what Poland proves is the good stuff is Bible based, Jews and Christians, the bad stuff is secular pagan.”

I have three words for you, David: Gott Mit Uns.

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