Wallnau: God Anointed Trump to ‘Subdue’ ‘Rogue Governments’

Self-appointed prophet Lance Wallnau is not so much a preacher these days as he is a full-time servant of Donald Trump. His latest bit of relentless hagiography is a declaration that God anointed Trump as president to “subdue” those “rogue governments” like Syria and North Korea.


“No, Trump doesn’t want to get involved in North Korea. Guess what he is going to do? He is going to disarm North Korea! Watch it!” Wallnau proclaimed. “He doesn’t want to get involved in Syria. Guess what was the first nation that Cyrus, in Babylon, subdued? Syria. You can’t make this stuff up, people.”

Wallnau said that “Trump is anointed to deal with rogue government, kings of the earth that are threatening God’s purposes and holding back God’s blueprint. This is a fascinating period of time to be alive.”

Trump’s actions are a sign that “the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord,” Wallnau insisted, adding that while the president’s actions may seem unpredictable, they are actually “totally predictable because God will move his heart.”

And when you’re wrong, we get to stone you to death as a false prophet like it says in the Bible, right?

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