AL Supreme Court Upholds Suspension of Roy Moore

Another day, another loss for Judge Roy Moore. A panel of judges sitting in for the Alabama Supreme Court have upheld his suspension as chief justice (for the second time) after he challenged that decision from the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore lost his effort to regain his job on Wednesday as the Alabama Supreme Court upheld his suspension for urging defiance of federal rulings allowing gays and lesbians to marry.

The fiery jurist lashed out at Wednesday’s decision, saying he considers his lengthy suspension to be both illegal and a “clear disregard of the will of the people who elected me chief justice.”

“I have done my duty under the laws of this state to uphold the sanctity of marriage and the undeniable truth of God-ordained marriage of one man and one woman. Mere human judges have no authority to say otherwise,” Moore said…

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary, the state panel that disciplines judges, handed down the punishment against Moore in September, saying he violated judicial ethics by urging judges to defy clearly established law as well as a direct federal court order…

A panel of Alabama judges was selected at random to hear the case after his colleagues on the state’s highest court recused themselves. These judges upheld both the findings that Moore violated judicial ethics with his actions and his suspension for the remainder of his term.

His attorneys had argued that the permanent suspension was unlawful since court rules require a unanimous decision to remove a judge.

Moore said the case against him was politically motivated “to remove me from office because of my steadfast opposition to same-sex marriage.”

Right. That’s why none of the other judges who also oppose same-sex marriage were targeted. You did something they didn’t — told judges not to comply with a federal court ruling. Just like you did the first time, when you refused to comply with a federal court order to remove your Ten Commandments monument. It’s time for you to slink away in shame and hide under a rock.

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