Beck Still Insists Alharbi was Money Man in Marathon Bombing

Glenn Beck keeps telling everyone that he’s turned over a new leaf and is sorry for his past actions, yet he still insists that Saudi student Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Saudi student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, was the “money man” behind the attack, despite having to settle a defamation suit with him.


In the wake of the bombing, Beck spent weeks baselessly accusing Alharbi of being the mastermind behind the attack and, in 2014, Alharbi responded by suing Beck for defamation and slander. Beck vigorously fought the lawsuit, but after the federal judge overseeing the case ruled that Beck and his company would have to reveal the names of the confidential sources they used while leveling the unfounded accusations against Alharbi, he agreed to settle last year.

Despite settling, Beck continues to insist that his conspiracy theory is true, declaring on his radio show today that he will go to his grave insisting that he was right and only settled because he was forced to do so by his insurance company.

Beck said the fact that O’Reilly and Fox have settled sexual harassment claims against him is not proof that O’Reilly is actually guilty, just as his settlement in the Alharbi case is not proof that he was wrong.

“I just settled a case in Boston that I will go to my grave [insisting] I’m right,” Beck said. “I’m right! My insurance company pressured me for over a year, Premier [Radio Network] pressured me for over a year, ‘Glenn, settle it.’ ‘I’m right.’ ‘Settle it.’ When it got to a million and a half dollars of uninsured money that I had to pay out and it was looking at yet another probably three million dollars, I will willing to take it to the Supreme Court, my partners weren’t. ‘Settle it.’”

“So I settled that,” Beck said, adding that all of the documents from the case are open and available to the public so that anybody can look at them and see that he was right. But nobody will do that, he insisted, so that they can keep “smearing me.”

“It’s still being used to smear me,” he said. “How am I being smeared? He settled, he must have been guilty.”

No, Glenn. The problem is that you have never presented even the tiniest shred of evidence that Alharbi was guilty of anything at all. You were adamant that you would. You famously, and pompously, told the feds that they had only a couple days to reveal the truth or you would do it and expose their coverup. You did nothing. You had nothing. The FBI checked him out and declared him to be an innocent victim. Why would they do that if he were involved with the terrorist attack? Are they just wasting their time pretending to fight terrorism to fool us all? That’s the only way your idiotic claim could possibly be true. Which makes you a liar.

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