Roger Stone is Clueless About the First Amendment

Vicious misogynist and professional liar Roger Stone made quite clear in an interview on InfoWars that he has absolutely no idea what the First Amendment means. He said that calls for Bill O’Reilly to be fired were a “flagrant, egregious violation” of his freedom of speech.


Stone, who has a long history of violent and bigoted rhetoric, agreed. Conservatives don’t focus on people’s “sexual foibles,” Stone insisted—which is ironic since only a few days ago, Stone appeared alongside InfoWars chief Alex Jones as Jones went on a violent, homophobic rant against Rep. Adam Schiff. Liberals use such personal attacks, he said, because they can’t compete in the war of ideas, and so resort to censorship to get their way.

“They can’t argue on the basis of ideas, they can’t argue on the basis of issues, so they have to silence us,” Stone said. “They’re trying to do so through Facebook, through Google, through these kinds of campaigns being run against O’Reilly. Censorship to me seems to be fundamentally un-American. We allow everybody a voice. This is a flagrant, egregious violation of the First Amendment.”

But wait, aren’t the calls for him to be fired also covered by the First Amendment? Or does it apply only to your fellow sexist pigs and not to anyone else? And whatever happened to the free market? The advertisers have spoken, they voluntarily chose not to spend money putting ads on his show because he had become toxic, meaning Fox could no longer pay him $20+ million a year and look the other way while he sexually harassed the women around him. Isn’t that the free market at work? Or does that only apply when it leads to results you like? Hypocrisy, thy name is Roger Stone.

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