Jones: Soros to Blame for Strong Marijuana

Alex Jones took the witness stand at his custody trial and much hilarity ensued. Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed is in the courtroom and live-tweeting the testimony, then writing about it on Buzzfeed. His ex-wife’s attorney started by asking his highly amusing question:


Alex Jones’ cross examination in his 10-day custody trial began today with an unusual question:

“You haven’t had any chili this morning, have you, Mr. Jones?”

“Is that a serious question?” Jones shot back.

During a deposition, Jones claimed that he couldn’t remember things about his children, like their ages, because he ate a big bowl of chili for lunch that day. Seriously, he said that. Then the subject turned to his drinking and use of pot. Naturally, he found a way to blame it on George Soros:

Jones said he sometimes smokes marijuana — nearly yearly — “to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it.” He then added that he tested it because he believes it is now too strong — a development he blamed on billionaire and political donor, George Soros, who he claimed in court has “brain damaged a lot of people.”

Damn those elite Illuminati reptilians. They’ve even infected everyone’s pot! Thankfully, Alex Jones is on the case, doing his crack investigative work by smoking it — purely as a means of scientifically monitoring it, of course. I bet he even wears a lab coat while he does it.

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