Jones Accuses McMaster of Being a Gay Leather Daddy

National Security Advisor Gen. HR McMaster is putting his substantial credibility on the line to defend their buddy Donald Trump, but Alex Jones and Roger Stone are launching bizarre attacks on him anyway. Jones accuses him of being a gay leather daddy.


ROGER STONE: I want to raise this question, though. Why is it that General [James] Mattis, General [H.R.] McMaster, John Brennan, formerly of the CIA, Michael Hayden, formerly of the CIA, and James Clapper. Why do these guys all have shaved heads?

ALEX JONES (HOST): Because that’s part of being a leather daddy.

STONE: Is it some secret club or something that they’re in? I mean, it defies the odds of coincidence, that every one of these guys have the same kind of look. There it is. Extraordinary. By the way [McMaster’s] smirk at the end of this kind of gives the whole thing away.

JONES: He looks like he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.


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