Beck, Barton Create Apprenticeships in Lying

Glenn Beck and David Barton are teaming up to create apprenticeship programs for college students about God and American history. In other words, they’re going to teach college kids all the lies they spew constantly about that subject.


Today, Beck interviewed Barton and Barton’s son, Tim, on his radio program about the first step in this effort: A “historic apprentice program” through which they will teach college-aged students how to uncover “the true story of America” and debunk their ignorant college professors who don’t understand that America is a Christian nation that was founded on the word of God.

“It’s learning at the side of someone who knows history and then actually putting it into practice by their side so you can repeat it,” Beck said. “We’re going to help you answer the question of who [the Founding Fathers] are. Is America a Christian nation? Were we founded on Judeo-Christian principles? Were the Founders Christians themselves?”

Beck said that the “apprentices” will be tasked with “documenting, footnoting and using the library and going to original sources only” to produce reports that support the right-wing worldview that he and the Bartons have propagated for years. Once their work has been “checked and verified”—presumably meaning that it supports Barton and Beck’s established narrative—then those reports will be posted online for others to use.

“Not only will these apprentices be able to come in and learn everything and have hands-on experience with these unbelievable first copies of the documents,” Beck said, “but they will also be able to help us propagate this all throughout the world.”

You’ve been deputized in the art of historical revisionism, son. I’m sure your parents will be proud, which is all the more sad for them and for you.

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