Lieberman is Trump’s Leading Candidate to Replace Comey

Donald Trump told a group of television anchors that former Sen. Joe Lieberman was his top choice to replace James Comey as FBI Director. This is an absolutely terrible choice, should it become official, but also a very predictable one.


President Trump said Thursday that Joe Lieberman was his top choice to become FBI director, filling the slot left open after Trump fired James B. Comey, his previous FBI head, last week.

Trump, speaking to a group of television anchors at the White House Thursday, said that Lieberman, the former senator from Connecticut and Democratic vice presidential nominee, is his leading candidate to run the agency.

Another example of Trump preferring someone who is as unqualified for their job as he is for the presidency. Lieberman has no relevant experience that would even suggest that he should be a candidate to run the FBI. The closest thing is that he was the Attorney General of Connecticut nearly 30 years ago. He has no ties to the FBI or the DOJ. He’s a purely political figure, which is exactly what we should never have running the FBI. In a rational world, the FBI would be run by a careerist from law enforcement, not by a politician.

Will Trump really choose him as the nominee? I’m skeptical. Maybe, but Lieberman endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 over him. We shall see.

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