Tucker Carlson Fans Threaten and Harass Guests

Media Matters notes that guests on Tucker Carlson’s show, which replaced Bill O’Reilly in the Fox News lineup, are routinely being harassed and threatened by his viewers. And they don’t even include one of the worst examples, Amanda Knief of American Atheists.


One example is Corey Johnson, a member of the New York City Council:

And Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue:

Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Was Told To “Get Raped” After Appearing On Tucker Carlson Tonight. Following her December 23 appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca received several violent threats online. According to a CBS report, Duca said she’d “received thousands of angry responses, including being threatened with rape on Christmas Day.” Another message Duca received stated “all you need is a good ol fashion PUSSY GRAB.” From CBS’ December 27 article:

A woman involved in a heated debate with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson over Ivanka Trump said Tuesday she’s received thousands of angry responses, including being threatened with rape on Christmas Day.


She was a guest on Carlson’s show Friday to discuss an incident where Donald Trump’s daughter was verbally accosted while traveling on an airplane with her family. Duca had tweeted that Ivanka Trump’s role in the incoming administration was fair game for discussion.


Duca said she was “shell-shocked” after the interview but also proud. She found it frustrating to be involved in just the sort of discussion she found infuriating during the presidential campaign, with people who seemed to be talking past each other.

Then the online attacks began, many too lewd to repeat. She saw an online discussion board created to encourage people “to harass me until I have a mental breakdown or go into porn.” [CBS News, 12/27/16]

When Amanda Knief went on his show to discuss a letter American Atheists sent to a city about a public park bench with a Bible verse on it, she said she got more harassing and threatening abuse than she had in all her previous media appearances combined, which is a hell of a lot.

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