Trump Son: Dad’s Critics ‘Not Even People’

In addition to the report on Eric Trump’s charity in Forbes, he’s also in the news for a crushingly stupid statement made to Sean Hannity, wherein he claimed that critics of his father’s are “not even people” and lamented the death of morality.


“I’ve never seen hatred like this, ” he responded. “To me, they’re not even people. It is so so sad.”

“Morality is just gone,” he continued. “Morals have flown out the window. We deserve so much better than this as a country. It’s so sad — you see the Democratic Party and they are imploding. They’re imploding, they have no message. You see the head of the DNC who is a total whack-job. There’s no leadership there. And so what do they do? They become obstructionists because they have no message of their own.”

Really? You’re going to defend your father, who has never shown even the most remote interest in questions of morality, by lamenting the decline of morality? Do we really need to make a list of the incredibly immoral things he’s done? Of course not. It wouldn’t matter. This is just generic rhetoric, the kind of thing that can only be taken seriously by someone whose tribalism has canceled out any ability to think coherently or rationally (if such ability ever existed in the first place).

And what the hell does “they’re not even people” mean here? They’re suddenly not Homo sapiens? They’ve become another species? They’ve magically transformed in his head into Homo poopyheadius or something? It’s just gibberish.

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