‘Coach’ Dave: Only Super Special Christians Can Serve on SCOTUS

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire’s latest ignorant and inane opinion is that the only ones who should be eligible to serve on the Supreme Court are not just Christians, but super special Christians just like him, Christians of the “filled with the spirit” variety.


Daubenmire said it is an outrage that “we appoint to the highest judicial offices in the land people who do not share Christian biblical beliefs and then allow them to rule on religious affairs.”

“The coup has already taken place in the United States of America,” he said, “and non-religious judges are now ruling the day.”

By “non-religious judges,” Daubenmire meant all judges who are not born-again evangelical Christians, including the Catholics, Jews and one Episcopalian who currently sit on the Supreme Court.

“Without Christ, Jews are not going to go to heaven,” he said. “Unsaved Episcopalians are not going to go to heaven, they’re not filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Sorry. Unsaved Catholics, no matter how moral they are, no matter how right they are or how conservative they are on the issues, an unsaved Catholic is not going to go to heaven.”

“So what we have,” Daubenmire continued, “is four Catholics on the Supreme Court—moral men, they might be moral men … but they’re not born again in the spirit of God” and “without the Holy Spirit to guide you, well, then you come up with the philosophies of men.”

“It was unthinkable 100 years ago to have a non-Christian on the Supreme Court,” Daubenmire lamented, “and now we’ve got three, four maybe.”

The “coup” that allows those he doesn’t approve of religiously to serve on the Supreme Court is found in the Constitution itself, in Article 6 when it bans religious tests for office. And this was not by accident. Nearly all of the original states had provisions in their constitutions requiring that only certain types of Christians could hold public office, often those who accepted the Trinity, and the founding fathers explicitly rejected that at the federal level by forbidding all such tests for office.

And in reality, we only have one Supreme Court justice who might be non-religious (Kagan). The others are all either Catholic or Jewish, which means, to someone like Daubenmire, that they aren’t Real Christians.

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