Hannity Blames Soros, Democrats for Scalise Shooting

And the total lack of irony continues. Sean Hannity predictably blamed the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise on Democrats and George Soros for “dehumanizing” conservatives. He said this about a week after presenting Eric Trump to say that his dad’s critics aren’t even human, which is literal dehumanization.


“Virtually no one on the left has denounced this vile behavior,” Hannity proclaimed. “Especially Soros-Clinton groups that attack conservatives for everything they can say,” calling them “racist and sexist and misogynistic and Islamophobic and homophobic and xenophobic” every election season.

“When Democrats continue to dehumanize Republicans and paint them as monsters day in and day out, year in and year out, well the climate around the country, it becomes more than toxic, and the tragic results, of course, follow.”

The irony of these comments coming out of the mouth of Sean Hannity, who in the same episode referred to Hillary Clinton as “Killary,” was not lost on observers, including Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Executive Producer Miles Kahn, who put Hannity’s words next to those of Eric Trump on his very show just last week.

One might be able to take Hannity seriously here if he could show us just one single tweet or segment on his radio or talk show objecting to right-wing figures who called Obama the Antichrist, who blathered on about him being possessed by demons (a fly landed on him!), who calls gay people demonic child rapists and says they want to destroy the country, who claimed that Obama tried to nuke South Carolina or was preparing to round up Christians and put them into FEMA camps. But as usual, he cheers on such rhetoric by his side while feigning such massive outrage when the other side uses rhetoric that is even a fraction as extremist.

The lesson, as always: Hannity is a pathetic hack. That’s all he’s ever been and all he will ever be.

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