Peterson: Democrats are ‘Children of Satan’

Peterson: Democrats are ‘Children of Satan’ June 19, 2017

The terminally idiotic Jesse Lee Peterson says that when Democrats said they were praying for the victims of the shootings in Washington that included Rep. Steve Scalise, those prayers were phony because Democrats are “children of Satan.”


Peterson was reacting to reports that Democrats had gathered in prayer upon learning of the shooting, which he declared was “phony stuff” because Democrats hate God and are “children of Satan.”

“This is not real,” Peterson said. “What are the Democrats praying for? The Democrats are not of God. All of a sudden when Scalise gets shot, when they hear about the shooting, all the children of Satan are going to come together and pray? Please!”

“The Democrats don’t love God,” he continued. “They could care less about God. Their father is Satan and that’s the reality.”

Peterson said that “Democrats are not about morality, they’re not about love, they don’t care about anything but politics and power,” which is why they are trying to corrupt the nation by supporting things like marriage equality and transgender rights and “everything that’s bad.”

“Why would you want to pray with the children of Satan?” Peterson rhetorically asked Republicans. “They serve a different God than you. That’s reality.”

Well I’m not a Democrat, but I am a liberal and I’m sure he would lump me in with them too. And few things irritate me more than when someone like Peterson claims that we’re “not about morality.” I am absolutely about morality and I’ll stack mine up next to his any day. I think it’s immoral to treat women as second class citizens and deny them the right to vote; Peterson supports it. I think it’s immoral to be bigoted against gay people and demand that they be discriminated against; Peterson enthusiastically supports it. I am infinitely more moral than he will ever be.

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