Wiles Wishes America Would Ban JWs Too

Rick Wiles, who sees everything as a sign that the government is going to throw Christians into concentration camps and destroy their religious liberty, is all for doing exactly that with Jehovah’s Witnesses. He’s glad Russia banned them and wants to do the same here.


After asserting that he feels “more threatened and afraid of the CIA” than of the Russians, Wiles again insisted that “Luciferian, devil worshiping” forces within the “deep state” are working to foment a war in order to punish Russia “for breaking free of that communist tyranny that that satanic group had put on Russia.”

Wiles was also outraged that some Christians are “condemning Russia for being an anti-Christian nation that persecuted Christians” simply because it had banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses and seized the group’s churches.

“You know what the Russians did?” Wiles asked. “They banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Kicked them out of the country. Well, congratulations! I’m glad you did it. I wish we could do it. I wish we could get rid of all the cults in this country. We’d be better off for it.”

“I’m all for religious liberty. I mean, my religious liberty. To hell with anyone else’s, even if they’re just the wrong brand of Christian.” How inspiring. Heil Wiles!

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