Oh Happy Day! Pat Robertson Can Say Merry Christmas Again!

During that ridiculous interview with Pat Robertson, Donald Trump told his fellow con artist not to worry because now that he’s in office he will soon be allowed to say Merry Christmas again. Because inside the fevered imaginations of these grifters, they weren’t allowed to before even though they do it all the time.


“We have to bring our country back. Our country was going in the wrong direction,” Trump said. “And by the way, what they were doing to religious liberty: They were destroying religious liberty.”

“You will be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again very soon,” Trump added.

Robertson laughed and said, “We’ll count on it.”

Did Pat Robertson ever stop saying Merry Christmas? Did anyone who wanted to? Of course not. Just more demagoguery and fake outrage from con artists fleecing the stupid and the credulous.

Trump prefaced his statement by saying that Democrats had been taking the wrong steps to improve the lives of Americans.

“You couldn’t build, you couldn’t do anything,” Trump said.

I find it endlessly amusing when they keep declaring that you can’t do things that are done every single day. You couldn’t build? We build about a million new homes a year, regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in charge. But you can’t do what you’re doing! It reminds me of this scene from Better Off Dead. “I can’t move my right arm” — as he’s moving his right arm.

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