‘Prophet’: Trump Has Secretly Arrested Thousands of Pedophiles!

Mark Taylor, the con artist fireman-turned-“prophet,” told a wingnut radio host that Donald Trump has secretly arrested 3,000 “elite pedophiles” since he was inaugurated — and the Clintons are next! I assume he knows this because God told him.


“Divine justice is being poured out right now,” Taylor said. “3,000 elite pedophiles have been arrested since the inauguration, but that’s not a whole lot of common knowledge, people don’t understand that because they’ve had a 100 percent media blackout on it.”

Taylor said that thousands of well-known, high-ranking figures have been arrested in recent months as part of Trump’s crackdown on satanic pedophile and child sacrifice cults, but we are not hearing anything about it because Trump is keeping it all under wraps.

“The Clintons are going to go down, Obama is going to go down, they’re all going to go down,” Taylor said. “Time is up for those who are corrupt … God is very serious when He says He is going to clean house. Everybody keeps asking, ‘When is it going to start, when is it going to start?’ It’s already started, it’s just they’re not saying anything. And the other thing you have to understand, with Trump being ten places ahead of everybody else, he’s not going to tip his hat as to what he’s doing.”

“You’re just going to wake up one morning and Hillary Clinton is going to be in jail,” he said, “[and] it will be a sign to the United States that that spirit called Jezebel has been locked up and the key thrown away.”

I wonder if these “elite pedophiles” include Jeffrey Epstein, who is pals with Trump (and Bill Clinton too. And Lawrence Krauss). Are they being held at Gitmo? Do they torture them with pictures of Trump with Ivanka sitting on his lap? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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