Sekulow: ‘Not Fair’ to Criticize Ethics of Russia Meeting

Jay Sekulow is a Christian right leader, and like most of them he is far more “right” than he is Christian. Despite his public declarations of faith and pretense that only Christianity can ground morality, he says it’s just not fair to expect (Republican) politicians to think about ethics during a campaign.


“I understand you’re a lawyer but you’re also a man of faith,” Tapper began. “Isn’t it kind of important whether or not what Donald Trump Jr., [Paul] Manafort and [Jared] Kushner did, isn’t it important, whether or not it’s legal, whether or not it’s wrong? Whether or not it’s ethical?

“You’re conflating three perspectives here, Jake,” Sekulow parried. “The legality: was the meeting and what took place legal or not? Almost every legal expert says it’s not illegal. Then you’re trying to put a moral and ethical aspect to it and it’s easy to do that in 20/20 hindsight but not when you’re in the middle of a campaign.”

“I’m not a campaign lawyer and I wasn’t a campaign lawyer as the meetings were taking place,” Sekulow continued. “Everybody looking backwards and saying would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. But to go back a year later and say this is what should have happened when the meeting was 20 minutes and a series of meetings that took place days and days for months, I don’t think that’s fair to Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner or Paul Manafort for that matter.’

And of course, Sekulow would say the same thing about a Democratic candidate who did something clearly unethical, right? Right? Yeah, not a chance in hell. Sekulow is a liar and a hypocrite and he isn’t really even pretending otherwise. Isn’t it funny how those who claim that only Christianity provides a basis for objective morality almost instinctively collapse to moral subjectivism when it’s convenient for them? It’s almost like they’re full of crap or something.

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