Trump’s Fake Concern for LGBT Equality

This week Donald Trump announced in a tweet that he is reversing the Obama administration policy of non-discrimination against transgender members of the military. This after promising that he would be better on LGBT equality than Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post traces his long history of lies and contradictions.


Trump’s relationships with LGBT people, and his evolving positions on issues, have been transactional, according to people who have interacted with him, focused largely on how the community might affect his interests in the moment.

Only a year ago, candidate Trump presented himself as a social liberal seeking to move the Republican Party left on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.

He vowed that he would do more than Democrat Hillary Clinton to protect LGBT people. He defended the rights of Caitlyn Jenner, the country’s most well-known transgender advocate, to use whichever bathroom she wanted in Trump Tower. And he added “Q” to his discussion of the “LGBTQ community” in his Republican National Convention speech to show he was in the know.

“People are people to me, and everyone should be protected,” he told The Washington Post in a May 2016 interview.

But circumstances have been changing since Trump entered the White House.

While his staff has met with LGBT advocates and he has hired several New Yorkers who have supported LGBT rights in the past, Trump’s administration has taken positions more in tune with the president’s social conservative base. It has quietly rolled back protections for transgender schoolchildren, removed information about LGBT rights from the White House website and declined to recognize LGBT Pride Month in June.

The truth is that Donald Trump has no core belief in anything other than his own omniscience and omnipotence. Just like he has done with everyone who has supported him, he says nice things about the LGBT community in one breath and throws them under the bus in the next. The lives of millions of LGBT people are merely pawns in his game. He’ll pretend to support them when it suits his purposes and destroy their lives without a moment’s hesitation when that suits his purposes. The only thing that matters in Trumpworld is his own interests, both short- and long-term.

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