Trump Encourages Police Brutality

On Friday, just before firing Reince Priebus, Trump spoke to a group of police officers on Long Island. During that talk, he encouraged them to commit misconduct and brutality and told them not to be “too nice” to people they arrest. A sizable portion of the officers in the audience applauded and cheered.


Today the president of the United States openly called on police officers to rough up suspects they were bringing into detention, half-an-hour into a speech in which he described as “animals” gangs of immigrants that were supposedly hunting down and sadistically cutting up “beautiful” young Americans.

And the uniformed police officers around him, on Long Island, laughed and cheered.

Here’s video:

This is hardly surprising. This is the same man who told his followers to “knock the crap out of” a protester. The entire speech was ridiculous. As he did during the campaign, he painted a picture of a nation in the throes of an epidemic of violent crime. In the real world, the one he avoids as fervently as he does a book or an intelligent thought, violent crime has been going down for the last quarter of a century. Violent crime is less than half what it was 25 years ago. And immigrants, who were the primary target of his talk — he called them “animals” who “slice and dice” people — commit significantly less violent crime than American citizens. But those are facts, something of no interest whatsoever to the Mango Mussolini.

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