Really, Jason Chaffetz? Really?

Is it just me or are politicians becoming even more shameless in their hypocrisy these days? Jason Chaffetz, who quit his House seat in the middle of the current term to take a gig at Fox News, is slamming Mitch McConnell for scheduling the long August recess.


Monday morning on Fox Business, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz was incensed over the idea that the Senate would leave early with such a lengthy list of things to do.

“It’s infuriating,” Chaffetz said. “[Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell went out in July and touted that the Senate was gonna stay in session through the end of next week. And yet, they adjourned early. And when you have 12 legislative days on the calendar, going through September, and you have to go through the long list you just highlighted how do you go home?”…

“Mitch McConnell, if you can’t if you can’t follow through on your promise, to stay and work through the end of this week, and you say ‘Well, we’re gonna cut out early.’ How do you do that?”

You tell us, Jason. You didn’t just go on vacation for a month, you quit your job, right in the middle of your term. If you can’t explain it, maybe go ask Sarah Palin, who also quit her job in the middle of her term. Seriously, how do you say things like this with a straight face given that you just did this a few weeks ago, for crying out loud? The utter shamelessness is appalling. Not surprising, of course, but absolutely appalling.

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