Robertson: Fox Sexual Harassment Allegations are Fake!

Robertson: Fox Sexual Harassment Allegations are Fake! August 9, 2017

Pat Robertson is, predictably, leaping to the defense of Eric Bolling, saying that the sexual harassment allegations against him are fake news and part of a conspiracy to destroy the network. Bolling wouldn’t do that, you see, because he’s a good Catholic.


As Robertson sees it, some unnamed people have probably been sending “salacious material” to women and framing Fox News hosts in order to decimate the network’s primetime lineup.

“Easy to do? Absolutely,” Robertson insisted. “Is it being done? Probably. And the latest attack is against a guy named Eric Bolling, who I think is a straight arrow. He was on this program, he’s a dedicated Catholic, goes to mass every day, a very nice man. They’ve pulled him off the air because somebody sent some pictures ostensibly over his name.”

“So easy to do now and anybody can make charges,” he continued. “Ladies and gentlemen, if this is going on—and they could easily do it, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it’s so easy to see what is being done—I think it’s a terrible shame and Fox had better … gird up their loins and realize that people are going after them and know that this is a game that people are playing. Anybody could send a salacious piece of literature and say it came from Sean Hannity or it came from this one or it came from the other one. Totally bogus.”

No Pat, it’s not easy to spoof someone’s cell phone. It can be done, but it requires some serious technical skill to pull that off. If dick pics came from Bolling’s phone, he sent them. And the fact that he’s a Catholic could not be any more irrelevant. How many allegedly “Godly” men have been caught having affairs or raping children before we stop treating the public declaration of one’s religious faith as evidence of their moral rectitude?

You would have said the same thing about Bill O’Reilly. He’s a good Catholic too. And yet we have him on tape trying to cheat on his wife, telling a producer that he wants to get in the shower with her and rub her down with falafel. Jim Bakker was a TV evangelist, just like you. And Jimmy Swaggart. This is a very, very long list.

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