Jones Hosts Russian Fascist to Attack McMaster

Like much of the rest of the far-right fringe, Alex Jones is now pushing the idea that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is a “globalist” (whatever that means) and that Trump needs to fire him. So Jones brought on a Russian fascist to his show to attack McMaster as “satanic.”


The far right’s crusade against national security adviser H.R. McMaster reached new heights last week, intensifying as Infowars founder Alex Jones invited an ultranationalist Russian political philosopher on his radio show to discuss “globalist” threats to US President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Jones interviewed Aleksandr Dugin — who has been linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and has close ties to Russian fascists and nationalists — as part of a segment attacking McMaster, who has come under fire from Trump’s nationalist base for firing three National Security Council officials appointed by Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser.

“He is purging anybody who does not want to have, basically, a war with Russia,” Jones said of McMaster.

Dugin agreed. “Globalists” like McMaster have made Russia “enemy No. 1,” he said, because they need a battle to distract the public while they pursue their “satanic” plans and “destroy humanity.”

Always ranting about Satan, the imaginary bad guy they use to tar their enemies and justify any action they want to take, no matter how vile or fascist it might be. After all, Satan is the root of all evil, so anything one might do to counter that evil can be justified and anyone you can pretend has something to do with him (it?) can be dismissed and, quite literally, demonized.

And as Business Insider put it, Jones’ interview with Dugin “highlighted the extent to which the US’s far right had found a natural ally in Russia’s current zeitgeist, which perceives the US as an imperialist power working on behalf of liberal elites to destroy traditional Christian values.” That’s the same nonsense the Christian right in this country have been pushing as well, which is why they feel such an affinity with Putin and the Russian far right.

And it all gets wrapped up with toxic masculinity, which Putin is a master at projecting and Trump tries very hard to do do despite being doughy and effete. But he talks like a tough guy, which the simpleminded always confuse with having actual strength and confidence. It’s actually the exact opposite, of course. And with ignorant nationalism and populism, with all the attendant anti-intellectualism.

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