Bolling Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Reporter

Alleged journalist Eric Bolling has filed a $50 million lawsuit against actual journalist Yashar Ali, who reported about several women accusing Bolling of sending them pictures of his penis and sexually harassing them. The suit will be dismissed with Klayman-like speed and efficiency.


But in fact, no actual complaint has been filed.

Even Bolling’s lawyers appear to know that this lawsuit is nothing more than a PR stunt on his part. The lawsuit filed today in Supreme Court, New York County was initiated via “summons with notice.” That means there’s no formal complaint just yet (New York State allows civil actions to be commenced this way, with the specific allegations filed supplementally later). In many cases, lawyers choose to commence via summons with notice to get a lawsuit filed quickly, before a statute of limitations runs out. But that wasn’t the case with Bolling’s suit; he had all the time in the world to wait and file a normal complaint. Wednesday’s filing, signed by Michael J. Bowe of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP (yes, the very same Kasowitz that represents Bolling’s friend Donald Trump) likely chose this method of filing in order to be intentionally vague.

A PR stunt is exactly what this is. It’s a tactic to tell Fox News followers, “See, this is how fake these accusations are, so fake that I’m going to sue the pants off this liberal journalist and win $50 million from them for the slander.” He knows perfectly well that the dismissal of the suit, if it is ever actually filed rather than merely a notice that they intend to file one, won’t get noticed by his target audience. This is a tactic Trump has used throughout his life as well (along with just threatening to sue without actually doing it).

He simply has no case here. You can’t sue a reporter for defamation for writing a story for which they have sources, even if those sources turn out to be absolutely wrong or lying. Ali has multiple women who made similar accusations and offered Bolling the opportunity to respond. Bolling is a public figure, which makes the standard for defamation almost impossible to meet. There’s not a chance in hell he can win this case and he knows it. This is all about striking a pose, not winning a lawsuit.

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