Alex Jones: Fascist Protest in Virginia a False Flag

I’m disappointed in Alex Jones. It took more than four hours for him to declare that the fascist, white supremacist riot in Virginia was a false flag operation that would lead to the declaration of martial law. He’s slipping in his old age, I’m afraid. Or maybe he just ate a bowl of chili or something.


He blames this all on George Soros, of course, claiming that Soros “doubled the amount of money he was giving to Black Lives Matter and other anti-police, race-based groups when Trump won.” And it was clear, he said, “that they were going to go for civil unrest.” Uh, Alex…that isn’t who was rioting. It was white supremacists, the exact opposite of the people you demonize — and the same people who gleefully supported Trump.

And who is it that is going to declare martial law, Alex? Your buddy Trump? Is he behind the false flag operation? I mean, surely you must mean the government, right? And Trump runs the government now. Of course, this is like the 185th time you’ve declared some event to be a false flag operation designed to pave the way for martial law and it’s never actually happened. So perhaps no one should bother listening to your paranoid ravings at all.

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