The Long, Sordid History of Bothsidesism

Yes, I’m coining that phrase, bothsidesism (if it hasn’t already been coined and I didn’t see it). Historian Kevin Kruze took to Twitter to put up images of articles from the 1950s using the same kind of “both sides are too extreme” rhetoric that Trump is now peddling.

Attribution: KAMiKAZOW
Attribution: KAMiKAZOW

Sometimes both sides really are to blame in a given situation. This is not one of them. Bothsidesism in this situation is a lazy way to get out of taking a stand, which is all the more absurd because what political stand should be easier to take than “Nazis are bad”? If you can’t even commit to that position, you shouldn’t be allowed to run the Tilt-a-Whirl at the county fair, much less the country.

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