Trump’s Shortsighted Tirades at Republicans Could Hurt Him

Reuters points out something rather obvious, which is that his now constant attacks on Republican senators could come back to haunt him if he faces impeachment charges later. He’s alienating and insulting the very people who would have to vote on whether to remove him from office.


More than half of the 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would be central to any proceeding to remove Trump from office, have tangled with the Republican president, including on Thursday when he fired off early-morning tweets.

In one Twitter series, Trump called Senator Lindsey Graham “publicity seeking” and said he “just can’t forget his election trouncing” in the 2016 presidential race. Trump also assailed Senator Jeff Flake, another Republican critic, as “a non-factor in the Senate,” adding, “He’s toxic.”

Flake and Graham are members of the Judiciary Committee, whose Chairman Chuck Grassley has urged Trump to tone it down.

“He should be 100 percent sticking to ideas and forget about personalities,” Grassley said on Friday when pressed on whether Trump might find himself without the friends in Congress he would need to defend himself in an impeachment proceeding.

And even without impeachment, his attacks on Mitch McConnell in particular could make it even more difficult to get legislation passed that he badly wants and needs politically. But Trump simply isn’t capable of the kind of self-control that it requires to be practical about such things. He only has one setting and it’s “bully.” He thinks he can intimidate and insult people to get them to do his bidding, but politics just doesn’t work that way. His total lack of self-discipline is what is likely to eventually lead to his downfall.

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