Trump May End Obamacare Contraception Rule Entirely

Trump is reportedly on the verge of doing away with the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which would make it more expensive and difficult for women to afford birth control. The ACA requires that contraception be fully covered by all health insurance policies.

The Trump administration is poised to issue a rule unwinding an Obama -era requirement that employee health benefits include contraception, which will spark a fresh round of litigation over an issue that has been before courts for six years.

Federal health officials are expected to finalize a regulation that would allow employers with religious or moral objections to birth control to omit coverage for contraception from their workers’ plans, according to two people familiar with its contents. The regulation closely mirrors an earlier, leaked draft, they said.

The Supreme Court has ruled, in a case brought by the arts-and-crafts chain Hobby Lobby, that “closely held” private companies can invoke religious objections to avoid covering contraception.

The Trump administration rule would allow a much broader set of employers to opt out of offering coverage for birth control, making moot a “workaround’’ designed by the Obama administration that allowed women in some cases to obtain coverage even if their employers had declined to offer it directly.

This is a gift to the religious right, which is far more interested in getting rid of birth control than they are in getting rid of abortion. They say it’s all about abortion, but if they actually wanted to prevent abortions they would be in favor of the widest possible availability of contraception. The math is quite simple: The chief cause of abortion is unwanted pregnancies and birth control helps prevent those. But the Christian right has never been good at math.

This is all part of a much larger effort, which is to maximize the control they have over women’s sexual choices. That’s the overarching purpose, to deny women the right to control their own reproduction and make their own sexual choices because, apparently, that makes the baby Jesus cry. But there is nothing that has helped liberate women and bring them some measure of equality than birth control. That’s why they hate it so much.

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