Trump Retells the Pershing Lie. Again. And Again.

This is why one could only laugh when Trump said that he didn’t reply quickly to the Nazi protest in Virginia because he’s careful to make sure he has the facts straight first. No president has ever cared less about the truth, as evidenced yet again by his retelling of a lie that has been debunked again and again.


Oi vey, this one again. He loved telling this story during the campaign and it is absolute nonsense. PolitiFact debunks it yet again.

“They were having terrorism problems, just like we do,” Trump said, according to a February 2016 account in the Washington Post. “And he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. And he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs’ blood — you heard that, right? He took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said: You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened. And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem.”

In Trump’s most-recent telling, 25 years became 35 years.

Just like his claim about the “real” unemployment number varied from 15% to 4%. He just pulls this stuff out of his ass on the spur of the moment because he has no concern whatsoever about whether anything he says is true or not, as long as it’s useful to him in some way.

Experts have been skeptical the practice was widespread or directly authorized or ordered by Pershing.

“This story is a fabrication and has long been discredited,” said Brian McAllister Linn, a Texas A&M University historian and author of Guardians of Empire: The U.S. Army and the Pacific, 1902-1940. “I am amazed it is still making the rounds.”

Christopher Einolf, a professor at DePaul University and author of America in the Philippines, 1899-1902: The First Torture Scandal, added that he trusted the conclusion of the late military historian Frank E. Vandiver, who told in 2003 that “I never found any indication that it was true in extensive research on his Moro experiences. This kind of thing would have run completely against his character.”

But even without such evidence, the claim is utterly inane. Does he really think that if we dipped bullets in pig’s blood, Muslims would stop committing terrorist acts? Seriously? If he does, he’s too stupid to run the night shift at a Jack in the Box restaurant, much less a country.

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