Hannity Promotes Inane Conspiracy

Sean Hannity has gone full-on Alex Jones by credulously repeating the ridiculous conspiracy theory that the counter-protesters in Charlottesville were paid actors (while simultaneously claiming that they’re violent communists, of course).


From those conspiracy sites, the claim jumped to two of the most prominent radio shows in the country, with audiences of millions. “There’s a story out today that raises a question whether or not antifa agitators that showed up in Charlottesville on Saturday were bought and paid for,” Hannity claimed. Hannity continued, “Apparently it was uncovered, and some of the media reported it, that some suspicious activity by an LA-based company that calls itself Crowds on Demand.”

Hannity then seemingly read from the Zero Hedge article, saying, “A Craigslist post last Monday, a full week before the Charlottesville protest, raising questions about whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles-based PR firm specializing in innovative events to serve as agitators and counterprotests. 25 bucks an hour to actors, photographers in that particular case to participate in events in Charlotte, NC, area as opposed to Charlottesville, VA.”

“So maybe it’s just a coincidence,” he concluded. “I don’t know for sure. But we’re going to keep an eye on that.”

Coincidence? It isn’t even that, much less evidence of any kind of conspiracy. The Craigslist ad was from an entirely different city hundreds of miles away by a company that hires people to take part in crowd scenes for movies and corporate events. It had nothing remotely to do with what happened in Charlottesville. And you can’t claim that the counter-protesters were all violent leftists AND that they were paid actors. Pick one idiotic claim and stick with it. Well, you can claim that, but mostly because your audience is as incapable of thinking rationally as you are.

Meanwhile, we have Alex Jones claiming that it wasn’t the counter-protesters that were fake, it was the white supremacists. He says they had to be actors because they looked Jewish. This is what passes for thinking on the idiotic right.

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